The Namesake

What is Augie's Front Burner without Augie? Augie still keeps a watchful eye over The Front Burner with his wife, Sharon.  Veterans of the food and hospitality industry, Augie and Sharon bring a lifetime of experience.  Between the two they have held virtually every job in the industry from sales representative to line cook to restaurant owners and caterers and everything in between.  Their first endeavor together was Augie's Front Burner, which has been a downtown Springfield staple for almost two decades.

They have spent their lives learning the ins and outs of the food business and are always working to find new ways to bring innovative thoughts and ideas to the gourmet community.  They take pride in their ability to work together as a team.  Augie and Sharon always want to show Springfield that they very much support the local farmers and community and want to couple this passion with their love for simple and seasonal food.  They also are owners of the Front Burner's sister restaurant, American Harvest.